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 A SESTINA   The name Sestina is derived from the Italian sesto (sixth). The Sestina is a French form. It appeared in France in the twelfth century.  In a traditional Sestina: The lines are grouped into six sestets and a concluding tercet. 

A Sestina has 39 lines. The six words that end each of the lines of the first stanza are repeated in a different order at the end of lines in each of the subsequent five stanzas.

The repeated words are unrhymed. The first line of each sestet after the first ends with the same word as the one that ended the last line of the sestet before it. 

Alice chose the words   "Rose, World, Glass, Reflect, Kaleidoscope, Waters."  for her Sestina poem.


His cheeks were red as damask rose

All was sheltered in his fragile world

The quality of love in a lifetime could fill his glass

And the empty doorway helped him to reflect

The symmetrical patterns of life’s rich kaleidoscope

Changing colours into Autumn waters


Glossing over his life like a ship on water

As nearby a sparrow sits on a small hedge rose

His broken nails are a dirt made kaleidoscope

And an atmosphere of nothing fills his empty world

He rolls his papers and reflects

As he watches the feathered creature, with eyes of glass


His world now shattered like broken glass

Emblazoned pride dissolved in waters

He sits and broods alcohols reflect

A wine bottle transforms to a beautiful rose

Gives him independence from the world

Glass fragments reflect a liquid kaleidoscope


Mirrors of life reflect times kaleidoscope

His personal mirror is a pool of glass

A sky so bright, lights his desperate world

As he sits in his own yellow pungent waters

He sips the blush red wine of rose

As his deliberate sparkling eyes reflect


Angry faces at window let time reflect

Characteristic colours form a kaleidoscope

Their room smells sweet as scent of rose

Yet eyes are sharp as brittle glass


Humanity pleads to save his world.


His earth is dry as a barren world

And true beliefs for hours can reflect

His life adds colour to his sky and waters

Existence becomes a living kaleidoscope

Of brittle transparent heat of glass

As the evening sunset brings a pale pink rose


His characteristic colours form a kaleidoscope

As they protect him while he sleeps

With a warmth that sparkles in his solo world.